We use only the finest ingredients, and where possible local produce. Everything is hand made, even the flour for ALL our pastry is blended by hand – and of course, everything is gluten free – we hope you enjoy them!

We also want everyone to enjoy a Christmas Pudding so with a few tweaks to the ingredients of our original puddings we should be able to cater for you. Please ask if you are interested in a bespoke pudding.

You may not like mixed peel, or hate pineapple then talk to me and see what I can do.

You may want a reduced sugar pudding, so we have our Bramley Apple Christmas Pudding, which is free from added sugar. Please note that it will contain fruit sugars. 

Our Luxury Christmas Pudding can be a dairy free version.

Also our Dark & Fruity Christmas Pudding can come in a FreeFrom 14 version – by replacing some of the dried fruit with sulphur free alternative fruits.