Our Christmas Puddings are all gluten free and come in the following sizes: 

120g – a small pudding for 1 - £4
200g – a big pudding suitable for 2 to share - £6.50
454g – a bigger pudding for a family of 4 - £12.50
908g – our biggest pudding that will serve 8 (or 6 with seconds) - £21

Our on-line shop is not open until later in the year, but you can still place an order by email or calling us, thank you

Postage is £4.95. You can also collect direct from us

Cherry & Pecan Christmas Pudding

Our new pudding for this Christmas. Lots of nice fruits laced with Port and Brandy and topped with more cherries and pecan nuts

Taste of the West Gold 2022

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Dark & Fruity
Christmas Pudding

Full of flavour, with plump moist fruits, spices and laced with Courvoisier Brandy

Taste of the West Silver 2018

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Christmas Pudding

Light in colour and bursting with flavour, using the finest of ingredients – a beautiful balance of plump, ripe fruits, ginger and Contreau

Taste of the West Gold and Great Taste 1* Awards 2020 

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Sticky Toffee Pudding

A deep, dark, rich pudding with dates and lots of toffee sauce, an alternative pudding for Christmas

Great Taste 2* 2018 and Taste of the West Silver 2017 

200g – for 1 - 2 to share = £4.50
500g – a bigger pudding for 3 - 4 = £9

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